I Watched “Dirty Dancing” for the First Time

So tonight I watched “Dirty Dancing” for the very first time. (I can hear the gasps as I type this.) It wasn’t intentional; whatever was on Bravo ended, and this came on, and out of rebellion for not having seen it, I tried to see what else was on… but alas, decided to conform to what apparently is a classic movie.

qkej7ameuttueAnd I won’t lie: I was very confused in the beginning because I thought it was supposed to be about how dancing was outlawed in a town.

Please indulge me as I share my many thoughts about it (full disclaimer, I did miss the first 15 minutes):

I now get why Patrick Swayze was idolized in that era. Definitely a hunkiness about him.

‘Baby’ is a STUPID nickname, and there’s nothing to be ashamed about being named the after the first female in the Cabinet (pretty badass your parents are that savvy and want to name you after a glass ceiling-breaker).

Is this movie where the idea of having a ‘summer fling’ originated in our culture? I mean, no one really thinks that Baby and Johnny stay together, right?

Do you think, in real life, Johnny and Baby would look each other up on Facebook after they’ve both gone on with their separate lives, separate families and try to reconnect?

I won’t lie; I was incredibly unsatisfied with this movie. It almost made me want to learn to dance like that. Key word: almost.