“Welcome to the Botox Club”

j4hjbw8uyfymqNo really, that’s what the doctor said to me.

Well, actually, it’s what his assistant said to me, and then he exclaimed to her, “You stole my line!”

I had done all my research months ago and found the most acclaimed doctor in town. He even had a YouTube channel explaining everything and doing demonstrations. I suffer from chronic migraines, but not enough to cash in on the insurance-covered Botox.

He entered the room, half-confused by my nervous virgin face, slash, half-not caring since I wasn’t paying thousands for a face-lift, then introduced himself by his FIRST name. As if we’d just met on an app and were having casual drinks to get to know each other better.

It didn’t hurt at all, and to be honest, I didn’t hate it.

My best friend can’t even tell that I look different. And I LOVE it – no more migraines.

You know what I don’t love though? The cost. Yikes. Immediate guilt when I handed over that credit card. Guessing those Housewives don’t have the student debt I do to worry about.

Will I do it again? Ask me in 3-4 months when it’s time to revisit and the migraines come back.


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